Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As New York starts to fade off my skin, the browning gardenias fall off my new Padova street’s walls, making extra room for me. And new pink flowers peek through my gate, like they’re trying to talk. At the end of the fence, the scent of two men stripping paint brings me right to the 19th floor window in Chicago's north side, as my Dad melted thick kitchen colors, prepping our apartment to become 1 and a half instead of just 1. I feel this expansion.

The week of London shows was a push - pushing sound past an inflammation in my voice, pushing keyboards through crowded Tubes (grazie Finni!). But the music got out, and here are some notes on the exhilarating Lustretour shows:

Scaledown at The King and Queen: Joined on saxophone by the incredible Andy Williamson and the 3 beers he kindly carried up the carpeted pub stairs (one from Edinburgh, an essence of the 2005 Fringe tour he brought me over for, where we first played together in the mirrored Spiegeltent). Transported in a set by Katie English (aka Isnaj Dui) on her handmade electric dulcimer.

Andy lives on a boat! Next day walked under a giant table and chairs at the Tate Modern then barbequed on the Thames boat where Andy lives, where I wore lettuce for a hat.

Sunday our gorgeously host Roshi (thank you Roshi!) had her birthday party on a riverboat. After being hypnotized w a gin and tonic to the beautiful music of Graham Dodwell (Dids, Gagarin), I played songs about signatures and orange-shaped heartache facing backwards over the rolling Thames water.

A cosy basement night in Electroacoustic Club's The Slaughtered Lamb. Blown away by exquisite guitar playing of Alan Lacroix.

Genuinely a highlight of the trip was Andy taking us to Steinway showroom to rehearse. It was like playing jewelry.

This musical devil in a red dress stopped to take it all in at a pub on the road.

After the release of playing on a real piano at Ray's
Jazz Shop, I snuck into the B's to buy a Kate Bush biography.

The famous 12 Bar where I got bonked on the head by my own keyboard during setup and wobbled through the first song on accordion. I had one of those cartoon headbumps for a few days, which made me feel animated. The super high stage puts you halfway between the balcony and the floor, so you get to look up and down while you play. A nice music writer took a picture of me with his stuffed tiger.

Live with Roshi on Resonance FM's The Other Woman with the upbeat radio stylings of host Ruth Barnes. Hear our collaboration on Roshi's transcendent version of traditional Iranian song Rachid Khan exclusively on The Other Woman's myspace.

Roshi and me climbing the Resonance gate.

The week ended wildly at the experimental Klinker Club, hosted by the wonderful Hugh Metcalfe and his Cabbage Hat. Last 2 times I did shows at The Klinker there were sets by The Fuckoffs and Fuck Off Batman. This time it was just Amy Fucking Kohn, happily joined again by Andy Williamson on sax. He's got such a natural feel for my songs. I was really moved by the poetry before me, and the appreciative, thoughtful audience.

Conquered a high mic stand by removing my heels.

A too generous lift home from the soaringly talented Eska. You've GOT to hear her sing! Listen to Eska's Steppin' Out cover. Could anything make me happier? Maybe her new album, set for the fall. She's on tour these days with the unstoppable Matthew Herbert. Late night talks with Roshi, Finni and Eska over oatmeal biscuits and tea got me inspired for experiments I want to try for my next, extra-lustrous album!

Arrived in Padova on the stroke of my birthday. Do you know Story Number 3 by Ionesco? The daughter climbs in her parent's morning bed to hear their stories of the night before - endless puppet shows, theater, dinner, and then another puppet show, a concert, more theater.. My birthday was this night! 2 puppet shows (1st one I got to hear my music for Il Brutto Anatroccolo, and second one I enjoyed a loud Tanti Auguri a Te sung by 200 Italian children!), 4 set-up and take-downs, a beautiful pineapple torte, a rehearsal, an upside-down solar system, and finishing with a half pizza. Bello(w)!

Welcome to my blog, Amy

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